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UPDATE:  The Parenting Conference has been postponed to 2020 as there were not enough registrations.  We are sorry for everyone's sake.  

Conflict in life is unavoidable.

And conflict can be unnerving, but it is not impossible to navigate.

Actually, it can be worked through quite well, with just a few choice tips at your disposal.

Whether its working through a disagreement with your teen, talking to your spouse, or talking through a situation with someone you know, please read on if you want to know how to do conflict BETTER.

Most of us care about us resolving an issue – very acutely.  And yet, there are circumstances that can make this action more challenging.  For example, what if you're healing from a physical illness at the same time you are having to deal with conflict resolution?  You may not feel good enough to know how to proceed in a timely manner.  Read More...

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There is a safe place for hurting teenagers . .
     A place to build and restore families . . .
          A place for healing . . .
                  A place for reconciliation.


Our Mission and Plans for the Future

Restoring Teens     & Families

In Albemarle and surrounding counties

House of Hope in Central Virginia and the Shenandoah Valley is a not-for-profit Christian ministry to hurting teens and their families that has been active since 2010.  Families of teens all over Central Virginia are facing challenges like never before.  Because of this, we have affiliated with the National House of Hope in Orlando, FL to bring help and HOPE to teens and families at very low cost.  Our programming incorporates the entire family to ensure that restoration and reconciliation endures.
PHASE 1  ~  Our Non-Residential Counseling Program (2013 to present) has passionately and confidentially brought 40 teens and their families to a place of healing through Biblically-based counseling and parenting classes.  House of Hope Central Virginia believes that the foundational method of turning a teen’s heart from rebellion and destruction is to embrace the entire family and lead each individual to wholeness through Jesus Christ.
PHASE 2 ~ Will be the opening of our Residential Home for Girls in 2017.  The home and furnishings have been secured and fundraising is underway to provide for ongoing operating expenses.  The loving, disciplined environment of the residential home will provide teens an individualized plan that includes counseling, schooling, activities, and outreach.  Parents and guardians will be involved every step of the way participating in personal counseling, parenting classes, and activities with their daughter. The residential program will create an environment where both the parents and the teens can reestablish their God given roles in the family.  House of Hope exists to "turn the hearts of the parents back to the children and the hearts of the children back to their parents" (Malachi 4:6) and we hope to restore the next generation through the transforming power of Jesus Christ (Romans 12:2-3).


PHASE 3 ~ Will be to work toward the addition of a future Residential Home for Boys.




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