A home for healing teens

House of Hope Central Virginia is a not-for-profit home for hurting teens that provides counseling, education and training for teens and their families in a very loving, caring, disciplined environment, so that healing can take place. What makes us different is that the teens are healed by Jesus Christ in a loving, accepting, and encouraging home environment where teens receive counseling along with their families. House of Hope Central Virginia believes that the foundational method of turning a teen’s heart from rebellion and destruction is to embrace the entire family. We believe that restoration of the family unit is integral for the healing of emotional wounds, therefore we require the parents or guardians of a youth to participate in counseling, parenting classes, and activities with their children. The residential program will create an environment where both the parents and the teens can reestablish their God given roles in the family. Ultimately, we exist to turn the hearts of the parents back to the children and the children back to their parents (Malachi 4:6) and we hope to restore the next generation through the transforming power of Jesus Christ (Romans 12:2-3). We currently offer Christ Centered Counseling - Contact Us for more information!



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